St. John Passion (2CD)

St. John Passion (2CD)


World Premiere Recording Gubaidulina's mammoth St. John was written in two parts, the Passion to a commission from the International.. více


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GUBAIDULINA Sofia - St. John Passion (2CD)

World Premiere Recording

Gubaidulina's mammoth St. John was written in two parts, the Passion to a commission from the International Bach Academy in Stuttgart to celebrate the 250th anniversary of J. S. Bach in September 2000, with the second part, St. John Easter, following two years later at the request of North German Radio. In the Passion we are plunged immediately into her intensely Russian, deeply Orthodox sound-world, with wonderfully sonorous sounds emanating from the chorus. Rilling steers his musicians through the awesome canvas with mesmerising authority, from climaxes of cataclysmic power to moments of sheer beauty, allowing the audience to fully appreciate the ingenuity and at times great delicacy of Gubaidulina's scoring.
After the darkly brooding power of St. John Passion, St. John Easter comes as something of a relief, being deliberately lighter in its language and celebratory in tone. The sounds once again are unmistakably Russian, the joyous Easter Hymn of the opening sung with great verve by the chorus and returning to close the work in a magnificent paean of praise. It is difficult to imagine this music receiving more intensely felt or characterful performances than these. This is a solemn, convincing and mysterious journey.

01 Johannes-Passion / St. John Passion Das Wort / The Word
02 Johannes-Passion / St. John Passion Fußwaschung / The Washing of Feet
03 Johannes-Passion / St. John Passion Das Gebot des Glaubens / The Commandment of Faith
04 Johannes-Passion / St. John Passion Das Gebot der Liebe / The Commandment of Love
05 Johannes-Passion / St. John Passion Hoffnung / Hope
06 Johannes-Passion / St. John Passion Liturgie im Himmel / Liturgy in Heaven
07 Johannes-Passion / St. John Passion Verrat, Verleugnung, Geiselung, Verurteilung / Betrayal, Denial, Flagallation, Condemnation
08 Johannes-Passion / St. John Passion Gang nach Golgatha / The Way to Golgatha
09 Johannes-Passion / St. John Passion Eine Frau, mit der Sonne bekleidet / A woman clothed with the sun
10 Johannes-Passion / St. John Passion Grablegung / Entombment
11 Johannes-Passion / St. John Passion Die sieben Schalen des Zorns / The seven Bowles of Wrath
01 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter Ostermorgen / Easter Morning
02 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter Maria Magdalena / Mary Magdalene
03 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter Erste Erscheinung des auferstandenen Christus vor den Jüngern: "Empfanget den Heiligen Geist" / Christ's First Appearance to his Disciples "Receive the Holy Spirit"
04 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter "Ich glaube nicht" / "I will not Believe"
05 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter Der Reiter auf dem weißen Pferd / The Rider on a White Horse
06 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter Zweite Erscheinung Christi vor den Jüngern: "Und sei nicht ungläubig" / Christ's second Appearance to his Diciples "Do not Doupt"
07 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter Intermedium / Interlude
08 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter "Ich bin das lebendige Brot" / "I am the Living Bread"
09 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter Die Finsternis vergeht / The Darkness is Passing Away
10 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter Dritte Erscheinung Christi vor den Jüngern: "Abschied" / Christ's Third Appearance to his Disciples: "Farewell"
11 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter Das Gericht / The Judgement
12 Johannes-Ostern / St. John Easter "Und ich sah einen neuen Himmel und eine neue Erde" / "I Saw a New Heaven and a New Earth"
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