Der Onkel aus Boston (2CD)

Der Onkel aus Boston (2CD)


Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s youthful opera "The Uncle from Boston" was presented with great success for the first time 180 years.. více


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MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY Felix - Der Onkel aus Boston (2CD)

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s youthful opera "The Uncle from Boston" was presented with great success for the first time 180 years since its composition at the New Philharmonic in Essen in October 2004. The work was recorded by the West German Radio and was broadcast in performance on radio (WDR), and on television (WDR 3)!

This early work of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - written in 1823 when the composer was 14 years old – was performed only once, for the enjoyment of his family and friends at a private gathering and is presented on disc for the first for the enjoyment of all. Now, you can enjoy a musical work, which was lost to the ages. With this new release, hänssler Classic presents the successful continuation of the cooperation of Helmuth Rilling and the Bach Academy, Stuttgart. Further recording projects with Helmuth Rilling will appear on hänssler Classic in the near future.

This double CD is presented in deluxe packaging and comes with a detailed Booklet, which offers a detailed introduction to this interesting work!

Die Zeit wrote: "... the work was rescued from the archives by the International Bach Academy Stuttgart with the conductor Helmuth Rilling, well balanced soloists, the always competent and spirited Gächinger Kantorei and the Bach-Collegium..." (6.10.2004)

The South German Die Zeit noticed: "... the Swabian-based International Bach Academy succeeded once again in presenting one the forgotten youthful works of the Bach-admirer Felix Mendelssohn to the enjoyment of the audience.” (7.10.2004)

01 1. Akt Ouvertüre
02 1. Akt No. 1 Duett: Alles ruht in süßem Schlummer
03 1. Akt No. 2 Terzett mit Chor: Holla! Holla! Hier steckt er, ja, ja!
04 1. Akt No.3 Rezitativ und Arie: O Himmel!
05 1. Akt No. 4 Quartett: Nein, das ist nicht auszustehn!
06 1. Akt No.5 Finale: Laut ertönt der Jubelklang
07 Beifall / Applause
08 2. Akt No. 6 Arie mit Chor: Nur stille, stille, leise, leise liebe Leute
09 2. Akt No. 7 Quartett mit Chor: Was muss ich seh'n?
10 Beifall / Applause
01 2. Akt No. 7a Marsch
02 2. Akt No.8 Arietta: Wenn alle Götter sich verbinden
03 Beifall / Applause
04 2. Akt No. 9 Quintett: Der Liebe Zepter lege ich dann wieder
05 2. Akt No. 10 Duett: Tausend! Das ist ja 'ne Tücke der Hölle!
06 Beifall / Applause
07 3. Akt No. 11 Rezitativ und Arie: Schon naht der Abend
08 Beifall / Applause
09 3. Akt No. 12 Arie: Was Tausend! Alles flieht von mir
10 Beifall / Applause
11 3. Akt No. 13 Quartett: Ja dieser Mann voll Gnad' und Huld
12 3. Akt No. 14 Finale: Sie kennen schon die süßen Triebe
13 Beifall / Applause
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