Delightful Lute-Pleasure (Joachim Held - loutna)

Delightful Lute-Pleasure (Joachim Held - loutna)


Baroque lute music from the lands of the Habsburgs Georg Muffat, Wolf Jakob Lauffensteiner, Johann Jakob? Weiss, Esajas Reusner,.. více


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MUFFAT G., WEISS J., LOSY J.A, BIBER.. - Delightful Lute-Pleasure (Joachim Held - loutna)

Baroque lute music from the lands of the Habsburgs
Georg Muffat, Wolf Jakob Lauffensteiner, Johann Jakob? Weiss, Esajas Reusner, Johann A. Losy, Heinrich Ignaz F. Biber

In the early 1700s, throughout the German-speaking Habsburg lands of the Holy Roman Empire, the lute gradually gained a new lease of life and was brought to its highest level of development. The new generation of German virtuosos began to build a new tradition of their own - adding new elements derived from Italian opera and local popular traditions which produced a new hybrid style of lute music with its own definite character. The result was that the lute became immensely popular once again; one writer said in 1701 that there were so many lutes in Prague that one might roof a house with them.
Joachim Held has selected a program of works from a manuscript compiled by the priest and Lute virtuoso, Ferdinand Fischer, housed in the famed archives of the Benedictine monastery of Kremsmünster, near Salzburg. This is a fascinating and beautiful program of works – highly representative of the tuneful, yet polyphonically accomplished lute revival of the German High Baroque.
Joachim Held (Lute). Born in 1963 in Hamburg, Joachim Held received his musical training at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis with Eugen Dombois and Hopkinson Smith. In 1988 he finished his studies by attaining a Diploma for Early Music. From 1988 to 1990 he studied with Jürgen Hübscher at the College of Music in Karlsruhe and passed the Artistic Final Examination there.
In 1990 Joachim Held won second prize at the Concours Musica Antiqua at the Flanders Festival in Bruges. He held a teaching post for lute from 1990 to 1997 at the Music College in Heidelberg-Mannheim. He teaches at the Conservatory in Hamburg since 1997. Joachim Held plays regularly under the direction of Nikolaus Harnoncourt and works together on a regular basis with Giardino Armanico (Milan).

1.1 Passacaglia die Mons. Mouffat    
1.2 Suite in D Major Ouverture    
1.3 Suite in D Major Allemande    
1.4 Suite in D Major Paysanne    
1.5 Suite in D Major Courante    
1.6 Suite in D Major Sarabande    
1.7 Suite in D Major Bouree    
1.8 Suite in D Major Menuet    
1.9 Suite in D Major Adagio    
1.10 Suite in D Major Menuet    
1.11 Suite in G Major Phantasie    
1.12 Suite in G Major Allemande    
1.13 Suite in G Major Courrente    
1.14 Suite in G Major Sarabande    
1.15 Suite in G Major Menuette    
1.16 Suite in G Major Guige    
1.17 Suite in D Minor Praeludium    
1.18 Suite in D Minor Paduana    
1.19 Suite in D Minor Allemande    
1.20 Suite in D Minor Courante    
1.21 Suite in D Minor Sarabande    
1.22 Suite in D Minor Gigue    
1.23 Suite in F Major Ouverture    
1.24 Suite in F Major Allemande    
1.25 Suite in F Major Courrente    
1.26 Suite in F Major Sarabande    
1.27 Suite in F Major Gavotte    
1.28 Suite in F Major Menuette    
1.29 Suite in F Major Bourree    
1.30 Suite in F Major Guige    
1.31 Passagaglia in C Minor    
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