Works for Violin

Works for Violin


Sonata seconda, op. 4 detta La Luciminia contenta – Toccata quinta, op. 4 detta La Laura rilucente – Aria seconda.. více


vydavatel: Christophorus

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UCCELLINI Marco - Works for Violin

Sonata seconda, op. 4 detta La Luciminia contenta – Toccata quinta, op. 4 detta La Laura rilucente – Aria seconda · Correnta decima · Aria terza, op. 4 – Sonata decima quarta, op. 4 – Sonata quarta, op. 5 – Sonata undecima, op. 5 - Toccata, op. 7 – Corrente decima settima, op. 7 - Sonata undecima, op. 7 - Sonata duodecima, op. 7 – Sonata prima, op. 7 – Aria decima · Corrente quinta · Corrente sesta, op. 7 – Sonata terza, op. 7 – Corrente vigesima, op. 7 – Sonata prima, Terzo libro a violino e tiorba detta La Poggia

Hélène Schmitt - baroque violin
Markus Märkl - harsichord, organ
Karl-Ernst Schröder - theorbe, guitar
Arno Jochem - violone, violoncello

Marco Uccellini (1610-1680) of Modena broke new ground in the development of the virtuoso sonata for solo violin. Those sonate selected on this CD from his large output demonstrate his expansion of the then prevalent short form of several sections amounting to some 60 bars. Uccellini tends to sequence small, slightly varying motifs; in some of them there is a contrasted second part in triple time, with scale passages and dance-like passages. He demands
considerable virtuosity from his soloists.
“Helene Schmitt is delicate in her phrasing and nuances. Her playing is in a collaborative, chamber music style, and the programme's particular strength is the varied instrumentation of the continuo. Markus Märkl plays a delicious little chamber organ of great character, made to an old Italian model. Helene Schmitt is well supported also on baroque guitar and theorbo, cello and the deeper toned violone. The recording and back up information are excellent and deserves a high
rating for collectors prepared to explore a fairly obscure composer of the mid 17th century.”
(musicweb-international, May 2000)
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