Be joyful always (1 Tes 5:16-17)
Desire of your heart
For I know the plans
For I know the plans - Black
Give me Jesus
His name will be the Hope
In Christ alone
Mug 400 ml, Faith
Mug 400 ml, Grace
Mug 400 ml, Hope
Mug 400 ml, Love
Peace of God (Fp 4:7)
Plans to prosper you - Jer 29:11
Rejoice in the Lord (Fp 4:4)
Rejoice in the Lord and be Glad
Seeds of Love
Thank you for the food
The Lord bless you (Nu 6:24)
The Lord refreshes my soul - Psalm 23:3
Trust in the Lord
You are loved

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Po-Pá 8:30 - 17
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