Johannes-Passion (Motetten)

Johannes-Passion (Motetten)


KammerChor Saarbrücken Georg Grün,directionChristoph Demantius shares exactly the same life span as Claudio Monteverdi. He was born in 1567.. více


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DEMANTIUS Christoph - Johannes-Passion (Motetten)

KammerChor Saarbrücken
Georg Grün, direction

Christoph Demantius shares exactly the same life span as Claudio Monteverdi. He was born in 1567 in Liberec (then Reichenberg) in Bohemia; the sources available to us reveal very little about his youth and musical training. His name appears in the 1593 list of students at the University of Wittenberg, not long after he was living in Leipzig. In 1597 he took up a position as Kantor in Zittau (Saxony). On April 27, 1604 he was appointed Kantor at the cathedral in nearby Freiberg, a
position he held until his death in 1643.
The great majority of Demantius’s rich published oeuvre was written during his time in Freiberg: sacred and secular vocal music, dances for instrumental ensemble and numerous occasional works for births, marriages and deaths. In 1610 Demantius published his collection of motets entitled Corona Harmonica. From the point of view of compositional technique, the motets are based on the style of the German successors of Orlande de Lassus, as characterized by motet
compositions in Germany up to the first quarter of the seventeenth century.
The St John Passion of 1631 is one of the last works which Demantius published. This work is also the last passion setting which is scored completely for multiple parts and it is therefore the last of its kind in a noble tradition which continued throughout the 16th century. Demantius showed in dramatic form in his St John Passion that it was still possible, well after 1600, to compose in an expressive and dramatic way without abandoning the old rules entirely.

Steh auf und nimm das Kindlein (Motette)
Und wie Moses in der Wüsten (Motette)
Denn wer sich selbst erhöhet (Motette)
Es ward eine Stille (Motette)
Das ist mir lieb (Motette)
Ich habe euch noch viel zu sagen (Motette)
Passion nach dem Evangelisten Johannes
1. Teil
2. Teil
3. Teil
Weissagung des Leidens und Sterbens Jesu Christi
1. Teil
2. Teil
3. Teil
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