Deutsche geistliche Konzerte

Deutsche geistliche Konzerte


Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble Arno Paduch, directionJohann Rosenmüller (1619-1684) was born around 1619 in Oelsnitz, Saxony. Following theology studies at.. více


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ROSENMÜLLER Johann - Deutsche geistliche Konzerte

Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble
Arno Paduch, direction

Johann Rosenmüller (1619-1684) was born around 1619 in Oelsnitz, Saxony. Following theology studies at the University of Leipzig, Rosenmüller taught at the Thomasschule for over a decade, establishing a considerable reputation. His promising career looked to be at an end when, in 1655, he was accused of pederasty. Forced to flee from Leipzig, he went first to Hamburg and then Venice, where he first became a trombonist at St. Mark's, and was later appointed a composer to the Pietà. Rosenmüller remained in Venice until 1682, when he returned to his native Germany as Kapellmeister at Wolfenbüttel, his past apparently forgiven and forgotten. But he was to have little time to enjoy his rehabilitation, dying just two years later.
The works on the CD cover a stylistic range extending from many-voiced concertos (the two early works from the Kern-Sprüche) to solo concertos (Ach Herr, the florid O Jesu süß, and Ich weiss), and dialog settings. “Arno Paduch's obvious devotion to Johann Rosenmüller's music is effectively translated into performances that lack nothing in stylishness … thoroughly worthwhile addition to the catalogue that should be heard by anyone with an interest in music of the 17th century.” (Fanfare Magazine)

Siehe an die Werke Gottes (Geistliches Konzert)
Ach Herr, strafe mich nicht (Geistliches Konzert)
Vater, ich habe gesündigt (Geistliches Konzert)
Sonate Nr. 2 (für Violine und Fagott)
O Jesu süß, wer dein gedenket (Geistliches Konzert)
Entsetze dich Natur (Geistliches Konzert)
Was steht ihr hie (Geistliches Konzert)
Ich weiß, daß mein Erlöser lebt (Geistliches Konzert)
Daran ist erschienen die Liebe Gottes (Geistliches Konzert)
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